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Work​ Process

At the heart of a freestyle is a story, and Collier believes that every combination has a story to tell. She partners with pairs from all over the globe , at all levels, using cutting edge technology to craft and build these immersive stories.


Inspired by music that moves and  Inspired by the horses that partner with us, Collier has become a master storyteller creating freestyles worth dancing to.


Years ago Three Wishes was somewhat accidentally founded.

 Simply, with the thought to create a story encompassing music, horse, and rider. To tell a story through new cutting-edge software programs and a few simple steps. 


And that's proven to be an innovative approach. Three Wishes has grown to be one of the top freestyle companies in the USA,  but strives to make a musical story for you and your horse. So, what are YOUR three wishes?


​Here's how Three Wishes approaches the work:

First Meeting:

I love to hear about your story. Let's sit down and get to know each other. Let's talk team, choreography, music.  Goals, timing, and how this your freestyle will be crafted. Afterwards I'll have you send me a video of a ride, so I can see what you two look like as a pair.  

Music Demos:
I will take the video you send me and put music that I feel would fit underneath it, along with any music you may want to see. I send it back for you to review and from there we have a conversation. What works? What doesn't work? This is probably the most fun part of the process, but can also take a few rounds of demos before we find "the one". 

You or I will then create a unique and powerful choreography that highlight's your horse's strengths while setting him/her up for the best possible execution of the weaker elements. The choreography will be USDF, FEI, or WDAA compliant. Once that is approved, video yourself riding to the choreography in a regulation-sized arena and send it over so I can start building!

Music guide:
I will put all the pieces together and send you a  video copy with your choreography and music on it. This is where you give final sign-off, or we make tweaks until the team feels like this is complete. From there, the music is considered "locked" and I work to adjust BPMs and finalize the freestyle.  


You will receive a digital MP3 file and two CDs. And my support doesn't end here! I am here to help support you through any and all things freestyle related (to walking you through soundcheck, show check-ins, etc.) . Generally speaking, I'm "on call" for you for the lifetime of the freestyle. 

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