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  • My students and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Collier and her amazing gift of customizing the most perfect dance music to each horse.  She brings out such joy and enthusiasm, my riders forget they are in the show arena. I Wish for my students continue to have fun and great success with their dance partners, I Wish everyone has the opportunity to work with Collier and I Wish one day to ride down the Olympic center line to one of Collier's masterful pieces of art! Thank you Three Wishes! - Katie Poag, USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Freestyle Bar holder. 
  • I am so grateful to Collier not just for her excellent freestyles for many riders I work with, but for her interest in educating others about developing and riding freestyles. And she is so generous in helping her clients truly make their freestyles perfect - as long as it takes. - Lendon Gray, U.S. Olympic rider, author, and President of Dressage4Kids
  • Collier has such a gift for seeing a vision in her head and taking that vision and making it reality. Not to mention, as a newcomer to the freestyle world I had no idea what to do or to expect. Collier was there every step of the way and made it so so easy. - Judy Sloan, CDI Amateur.
  • My whole process of making a freestyle with Collier was so easy and enjoyable, not only was I left with an amazing freestyle that will actually make me competitive in the arena. I feel I was also left with a friend I could call if I needed help with it later. I enjoyed this so much that I want other people to experience her work, which is why I’m trying to figure out a way to bring her to Ohio !! - Emily Gill, USDF rider
  • These freestyles are some of the best I've seen. Better than a lot of the professionals on the west coast. - Brandi Roenick (Steffen Peters student and top young rider for USA)
  • You can rely on Collier to listen to your needs and produce you a freestyle with all due haste. This is the woman you call in a pinch!   - Catherine Haddad Staller (Top USA International Rider)
  • Collier has an incredible ability to match the best music for each horse, enhancing the horse's and rider's strengths. Her background of music, dance, and riding, combined with her impressively large and unique music library, results in freestyles that are the culmination of expertise beyond her years! - Ashley Wimmer (USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold  medalist, USA Nation's Cup team member, Nationally ranked rider)
  • ​​Collier is great to work with. She is so talented with splicing and arranging musical freestyle music, and I loved how she worked with me on the choreography. -Ryan Eskridge (USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalist & former National Junior Championship participant)
  • Collier was a joy to work with in choreographing and creating my musical freestyle. She is professional, timely, and patient. - Keni Kerin
  • Collier's freestyles are a work of pure talent that really highlights the horses natural beauty through music! - Kennedy Norris
  • Collier has produced several successful freestyles for my horses. She has the uncanny ability to see the personality of the horse and portray it through her music. The judges always reward me well for music choice. I highly recommend Collier for anyone looking for a freestyle designer. - Stacey Hastings (USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalist & FEI trainer/rider)

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