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Exclusive Services

Fully Custom Musical Freestyle (KUR)

Let's create your freestyle story. Includes custom music build, a floorplan that highlights you and your dance partner, and 24/7 support for the lifetime of your freestyle.

Cost: contact for more information


Partial Musical Freestyle

Do you already have music built out or a floorplan choreographed and simply need  help building out the rest of your story? Three Wishes is happy to partner with you to bring your freestyle across the finish line.

Cost: contact for more information


Team test music

Background music for the Grand Prix Team or CPEDI Team test that suits the pair and elevates them in an unobtrusive way. 

Cost: $500.00


Freestyle consulting

Are you working on your own freestyle? Perhaps you're stuck on editing or the floorplan? Three Wishes is here to consult. 

Cost: a cup of coffee per hour ;)


Music for sales videos

Put music to your sales video that highlights the horse and matches it's gaits!

Cost: $300.00


Freestyle Festivals (AKA Clinics)

Let's get together and dance! Three Wishes' two-day Freestyle Festivals are a great way to introduce riders to freestyles, to get a jump start on crafting a new one, or polish an existing Three Wishes freestyle. Click here to learn more

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