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Since 2011 Collier Wimmer has been partnering with amazing horse and rider combinations to create extraordinary freestyles that have shown and won at both Regional and National Championships, international CDI's, CPEDIs, Nation's Cups and World Cup Finals.  


Collier lends a few talents to this business: a graduate of High Point University with a double major in Business and Communications, a lifelong equestrian with 18+ years of immersion in dressage, the youngest ever in the Winston-Salem, NC area to receive the highest medal and ribbon from the Royal School of Choir Music and a nationally ranked competitive dancer of 15 + years.

There's innovation to be found here too. Collier decided to create a brand new way of crafting freestyles and partnering with clients.  Now, music can be adjusted to any BPMs, clients can meet with her virtually, and everything you need to create a top level freestyle fits in a carry-on bag. This new way of working creates ease for every client without compromising the freestyle with a musical library that ranges from classical to contemporary to international music.

Collier brings a one of a kind combination of a dancer’s background, a longstanding love of music, years musical education and an uncanny ability to understand what makes each horse and rider combination exclusive. She has an eye and appreciation for what will make a special and memorable freestyle for each combination.

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