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Freestyle Festivals
(aka clinics)

Three Wishes offers 2-day freestyle intensives for those wanting to learn about this exciting part of dressage  and start work on their own musical freestyle. The clinic is divided into two days with mounted participants and auditors attending and participating in both.


Day 1

The clinic kicks off with a morning, hour long introductory coffee chat. This lecture provides riders and auditors with Three Wishes' background, a step-by-step overview of the freestyle creation process (critically thinking through music selections, gamifying the choreography, a review of the rules, and much more), and a general synopsis of the clinic weekend.


From there, we jump in to the mounted sessions: each horse and rider combination gets a 50 minute lesson for both day 1 and day 2.  Day 1 focuses on getting to know the pair and working on music selection.

Day 2

Day 2 picks up where we left off on day 1. So, for those riders that found their music we spend day 2 working on choreography and delving in to the music that was selected.


For those that still are deciding on music, we spend day 2 finding it and then, time providing, move in to choreography creation.


of the host

The two day clinic fee is $200 per horse and rider combination. This encompasses the hour lecture, 2 mounted sessions and unlimited auditors. The host is responsible for reimbursement of expenses such as air transportation, hotel, food and so on.

  • The host must provide a complete sound system (a microphone is nice to have but not necessary!)

  • Lunch provided both days of the clinic 

  • 1 or 2 meetings with the hosts ahead of the clinic to create a schedule and get organized

  • Key information of all horse and rider combinations to be delivered before the clinic. This includes: Horse's name, Rider's name, level, general background of the pair, and music ideas.

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