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Three Wishes freestyles travels to Ohio for a fun, two day clinic!
By Collier Wimmer November 2021

What a fun weekend in Ohio!

Three Wishes' 2 day clinic drew such a great crowd, 10 horse and rider combinations and a number of auditors - y'all should have seen the energy in the arena (despite the cold)! Each and every horse/rider pair brought their 'A' game and rode away with their own unique music selection and choreography.

Additionally, clinicians and auditors gained insight on the freestyle creation process, what judges look for, how to "gamify" the floorplan, and ultimately, how to create immersive stories through their freestyle!

Looking forward to finishing the freestyles we started this weekend and thank you to everyone who came out!

P.s. if anyone was wondering, Ohio in November requires 6 layers to keep a southerner warm.

Sidelines Magazine spotlight: Three Wishes freestyles 
By Collier Wimmer October 2021

"I recall asking my 16-year-old self, 'How hard could creating this thing called freestyles be? I love music. I love dressage. I think I’ve got the technology and background to do this.' So, I started playing around with different dressage videos and music in my software suite at home. Six months later, I had my first client." -- Collier Wimmer

Read more about how Collier has become a story-teller through musical freestyles and how she launched her freestyle business, Three Wishes Freestyles:

Regionals zone 3 2021 results
By Collier Wimmer October 2021

Danielle Bamford Comley - Champion, 1st level MFS

Jennifer Cottle - Reserve champion, 2nd level MFS

Ginny Rainero Crawford - 1st place, inaugural 3rd level MFS

Congratulations to all!

New Partnership: Caroline Cadorette
By Collier Wimmer May 2021

Three Wishes is thrilled to welcome Caroline Cadorette and her stable as a new partner. Caroline has been riding for 14+ years and is already an accomplished FEI Young Rider.


Originally from Maine, Caroline now splits her time between Wellington and the northeast. She trains with Lendon Gray and Katherine Bateson. 



She has two D4K horses and had an incredible 2021 Wellington CDI season with her older D4K companion, Dustin. 


Welcome Caroline! 

WEF 2021 recap
By Collier Wimmer May 2021

Well the 2021 Global Dressage festival was anything but boring! multiple freestyles competed in both national and CDI shows. All came home in the top 2 with 7.0s-8.0s in all artistic scores.

If I wasn't so exhausted from it all I'd write more! But really this is just a post to brag about the amazing horse and rider combinations I was lucky enough to work with. 

Thank you to all for making this season probably one of the best. 

2021 - the year of the new Logo
By Collier Wimmer March 2021

Over 10 years ago Three Wishes was somewhat accidentally founded.

Simply, with the thought to create a work of emotional art encompassing music, horse, and rider.

Simply, with the idea that one software program and three steps would be enough.

10 years later Three Wishes has grown to be one of the top freestyle companies in the USA, and it continues to grow.

What better way to celebrate this than to re-brand! The new logo and updated assets are an exciting reflection of the journey to come while celebrating the past.  

2018 update: On the Road to WEF
By Collier Wimmer January 2018

It's that time of the year again, when everyone flocks to the warm Wellington for the Winter Equestrian Festival! Three Wishes is thrilled to be going multiple weekends in support of clients as well as meeting new people! The WEF if a great place to learn as well as teach, which makes it a favorite on the Three Wishes calendar. 

To that end, there have been some exciting updates as 2018 kicks off! At the NCDCTA HOY Gala Three wishes brought home the following awards: 

Camyn Huneycutt on Madeline - Champion MFS Jr/Yr.

Jennifer Dipple on Barbate - Reserve Champion MFS Training Level Open

Three Wishes also has partnered with a few riders from Dressage4Kids that will be competing in Wellington - highlights will be posted soon! 




USDF Region 1 Regional Championships 2016
By Collier Wimmer September 2016 

Wow! What a great weekend Three Wishes Freestyles at the USDF Regional Championships! Congratulations (and many adult beverages) to my wonderful clients and their mounts! I am so proud of each and every one of y'all! Here are the results for the first day of MFS: 


MFS Level 1:
Lisa Hodgson/The Usual Suspect (Bogey) 68.6% (5th)

Carol Kelly/Vestergarden's Leon 62.7% (13th)


MFS Level 3:
Stacey Hastings/Guateque IV 72.8% (1st)


Ashley Wimmer/Somerhall 71.4% (1st)

Torrey Wilkinson/Talisman BHF 63.9 (7th)

Spring Show Season Update 2017
By Collier Wimmer July 2017 

Three Wishes has been busy busy with clients and below are some spring show highlights from awesome clients!

Barbate CDF scored a winning 71.9% USDF their first time out this spring (regionals bound!).

Camyn Huneycutt won the Jr /Yr USDF MFS on Jordan Moragne's Madeline with a 68% their first time out!

Kim Clark and Duvaldez continue to shine in their Freestyle. They have received scores as high as 76% and have qualified for regionals! 

Cat Horrigan and her lovely mare Ultima qualified for the NAJYRC and had awesome wins with her MFS, most recently scoring over 69%!

Guys I am beyond thrilled to have these incredible horse and rider combos to work with. Each and every one is so special and I love working with all of my clients - no two freestyles are alike! Can't wait to see what the rest of season brings!

USDF Dressage Nationals 2015 Results

By Collier Wimmer November 2015


Lexington, KY - Home of the USDF Nationals. Lots of fantastic horses went, and there was som egreat competition, but Three Wishes brought home another National Championship, an three top tens! Congrats to Stacey Hastings and her wonderful team and horses for such an amazing end to the year!


Stacey Hastings:

 - Guataque: 5th place (69.50%)

 - Coves Darden Police: 8th place (67.20%)

 - Blue Honey Friesians Trijntje: 9th place (67.11%)

 - First Aurum: National Champion! (74.27%)




USDF Regionals Results

By Collier Wimmer October 2015


The 2015 season stars coming to a close, startin with the Region 1 USDF Championships. Everyone was wonderful and here are the results:


Torrey Wilkinson: 4th place, Reserve Champion

Anne Aloi: 6th place, 5th place

Stacey Hastings:

 - Guataque: Reserve Champion

 - Coves Darden Police: 4th place

 - Blue Honey Friesians Trijntje: 3rd (earned wildcard for nationals)

 - First Aurum: 7th (earned wildcard for nationals)




Briana Atwell Bends the Elements with HRH Popstarr

By Collier Wimmer August, 2015


Briana Atwell Owen debuted her new I1 freestyle aboard HRH Popstarr at the Labor of Love Dressage show in Pinehurst, NC. Riding to the Avatar: Legend of Korra score she scored an incredible 73.375% and rode home with a blue ribbon. Congrats Briana! 




Stacey Hastings and the Fantastic Four

By Collier Wimmer July 2015


Stacey Hastings is back in the show ring this season with four new freestyles, and in their season debut at Pinehust this past weekend they were superb; each scoring above a 70%. 


Coves-Darden stallions, Police and Guateque, each scored 73%. Polices score was most impressive as it was at such an advanced level (I-1). Blue Honey Friesians Trijntje vd Bokkefarm, had a very powerful freestyle and music, and still with a few mistakes came in 4th with a 70%. Stacey's and Tony Woodcock's sassy little gelding Aros floated around the ring and came away with a 74%. They had very high marks on choreography, music and degree of difficulty. 




Three WIshes Included in List of Best Freestyle Companies

By Collier Wimmer June 2015


Well We made it! Three Wishes has been included in the comprehensive list of the best freestyle companies in the United States. Thrilled would be such an understatement and it would not be possible without the support of the wonderful clients, Hans Zimmer, and a lot of coffee.


Check out the list here:

Torrey Wilkinson is Having a great Season

By Collier Wimmer May 2015


Torrey Wilkinson and her mare, Tali, have been having a fabulous freestyle season so far. With their debut they won the class with a 69%. Since then Torrey has been on a roll, most recently scoring a 71.1% with her freestyle. It seems Tali really likes those blue ribbons; as long as the music doesn't play too loud!

U.S Dressage Nationals 2014 Videos

By Collier Wimmer March 2015

Thank you USEF Network! The video's from Stacey's two wonderful freestyles on Police and Trijntje at the 2014 U.S. Dressage Nationals. Here are the links: 


Stacey Hastings & Police. Winners of the 4th level freestyle:


Stacey Hastings and Trijntje v.d. Bokkefarm. Reserve Champion in the second level freestyle:



U.S Dressage Nationals 2014

By Collier Wimmer November 2014

WOW! U.S. Dressage Nationals was a huge weekend, and I could not have been more thrilled with the results! 


Honors and congratulations to the wonderful Stacey Hastings and Police who were the National Champions for the fourth level freestyle!


Congratulations go out to the sublime Jennifer Flowers and Vredestein who competed at the U.S. Dressage Nationals and came in 4th overall in the second level Musical Freestyle! Game of Thrones is still going strong!


Congratulations also go out again to Stacey Hastings and Dakota! They placed 7th overall in the third level freestyle!  And  Trijntje v.d. Bokkefarm was Reserve Champion in the second level freestyle!


Owners, riders, and horses, thank you for being some of the best clients and I look forward to continue working with you! Congratulations again on very successful weekend, I am so proud of all of you!! You can Watch some of the freestyles on demand here:

Stacey Hastings Freestyle Updates October 2014

By Collier Wimmer October 2014

Stacey Hastings  has continued to sweep the field this season with her maginificent rides. At the BLM's the awards are as follows:


Dakota - Champion for 3rd Level musical freestyle, scoring a 70.5% and also winnign the Barbara Silverman Award. 


Coves Darden Farm's Police- Reserve Champion at the 4th level musical freestyle and was also 5th for the Barbara Silverman Awards for freestyles.


Blue Honey Friesians Trijntje v.d. Bokkefarm- Came in 3rd for the Barbara Silverman Awards for freestyles. 


Stacey Hastings is Cleaning up the Freestyle Ring

Collier Wimmer July 2014

Stacey Hastings has three top-notch freestyles going this season and has done very well with them! Dakota has qualified for regionals and won the $500 USDF 3rd Level Freestyle in Lexington. Police has also qualified for regionals with his new freestyle and just scored a 70% at the 4th Level Freestyle winning the class at his latest show. And last but not least, Trijntje scored a new high with a  75% winning her First Level Test 3 class. Congratulations to all parties involved and we will see you at regionals!

Freestyle Clinic

Collier Wimmer July 2013


July 30th-31st I I travelled down to Columbus, North Carolina to lead my first freestyle clinic. I had my wonderful assistant Ashley Bondurant with me and we were both looking forward to it. The clinic was held at Cross Creek Bar, Bed, and Breakfast and was a wonderful two days. The first day was music, where I watched the horse and rider combination and mentally went through which music fit.  I had around 13 rides and was able to find music for everyone. The second day was choreography. I had stayed up late the previous night getting everyone's choreography done so that the second lesson the horse and rider would be able to run through and we could make changes. All in all, the clinic was fantastic and I hope to go back in the fall or winter. I had a wonderful support team, and super horse and rider combinations.

The video to the left is a small highlight reel put together by Eric Olsen. This was taken on the second day of the clinic and shows me working with Joy Baker on her Grand Prix Freestyle. 

Vredestein's Awards for the 2013 Show Season

Collier Wimmer November 2013

Congratulations to Diana Weisenberger's Vredestein for having a super show season with his second level freestyle. Ridden by Jennifer Dipple Flowers, this powerful team dominated this year. They consistantly got 7.5 and 8's on music and 7.0-7.5's on difficulty and all the judges loved the music. I am so very thankful to have a fantastic team to work with. I look forward to next year! Here is a list of all they won:

*2013 NCDCTA Champion Musical Freestyle
*2013 GAIG Region 1 Reserve Champion Second Level Musical Freestyle
*2013 BLM Champion Second Level Musical Freestyle
*2013 NCDCTA Horse of the Year Musical Freestyle


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